RUH Enterprises is one of UK’s leading fresh fruit & vegetable importers, suppliers, and exporters. The company offers a global supply network of fruit & vegetable wholesalers. We have set up a large customer base in different fields such as food businesses with our quality approved collection of vegetables.

Currently, we are selling Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits on the market.



Import/Export Company for Fruit

Produce Professionals Source Quality Fruits & Vegetables Sales Team Provides Options, Solutions, & Competitive Pricing Sourcing from India, UK, Canada, Distribution to India Growers and Packers to Maximize Opportunity.

RHU Enterprises is redefining the way premium fresh produce is imported to the UK is distributed worldwide. As a vegetable and fruit importer in the UK, we are proud to be able to provide a reliable service of the finest organic products, driven by our dedication to supplying top-of-the-line fresh products and our long-standing relationships with clients.

Don’t miss a unique opportunity to partner with a distribution company that comes from one of the UK, most agriculturally advanced nations. Don’t miss a chance to partner with a distribution company that originated from one of the most agriculturally advanced countries, India.