About Us


RUH partnership is in business for many years and converted into Limited company in January 2019 due to the increase in business and high level of demand of our goods and services. We are in the business of importing exotic fruits and selling them to wholesalers and distributors before providing the highest level of personal service. We supply vegetables and fruits of High-Grade quality.

With years of experience in the import and export of fruits and vegetables, we offer the most favorable terms and commitments for our customers. By sticking to our commitments, we were able to offer the market a comprehensive range of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, and other organic products.

Along With Fruits Import & Export, we also deal with Real Estate Investment and Property Letting in the UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is a nation whose livelihood can be improved through fair and ethical agricultural practices and trade in fresh products. We strive to achieve long-term sustainability in our business by partnering with farmers and customers to realize the highest possible quality products and services. We intend to expand our services globally to contribute to a healthy food environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve sustainable excellence and returns in our services by ensuring to provide the highest quality of personalized service to the respective clients.

To match the consumer trends we ensure to provide fresh, healthy, chemical-free, and nutritionally rich fruits or vegetables.